Work Wardrobe Wednesday


Yeah, we finally have nice temperatures here in Northern Germany, so I thought I show you  some nice and yet professional outfit which can be worn during the warmer months, but still keeps you from freezing on your morning commute.

And whenever the AC is blasting and it gets freeing in the office you still have your blazer to keep you warm. Although ACs and the idiotic freeze resistant colleagues commandeering them are one of the main reasons I incorporate a Pashmina in most of my outfits.

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Work Wardrobe Wednesday

Fierce Ruffles

It’s still not very hot here, but people freak out as soon as the temperature hits 20+ degree Celsius. The start fanning themselves with everything they can get their hands on and complain about the heat. 

But let me introduce the new blogger I found for  this weeks’ WWW:

Her name is Rena, she is German and a bit older than your average style blogger, but the best thing about her blog are her texts. I read through a whole lot of them and I find them oddly fascinating, maybe because her language feels a bit different, more grown up, a tad bit formal. But also because most of the times the outfit photos merely serve as a nice add-on to her post. It is the words that are the main player in her blog.

Which frankly is something I haven’t yet seen in a personal style blog.
She is hosting a giveaway, open until June 30th, and it is open for international readers as well. Hop over here

Check her out and let me know if you like her posts and if her language seems more engaging in english, because frankly I only read the german version.

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Feeling like a grown-up, Alcohol Edition


I have a drinking problem

That feels weird writing and even weirder seeing it written down. Why is it so hard to write about addictions and alcohol? Why is there such a taboo about this topic?

Oh well maybe because it forces you to deal with my innermost insecurities and fears to get to the bottom of the problem.

But let’s start at the beginning.

I have a drinking problem, in so far as that I get a deadly hangover the day after, vomiting violently about every 30mins for up to 12 hours. I can’t keep any food or liquids inside. Believe me I tried, more than a teaspoon of water is already too much. When it’s really bad I am still exhausted the day after the hangover. Turns out that not being able to eat and being dehydrated for an entire day ist pretty strenuous.

The weird part is that sometimes I can drink like a lumberjack and not have any problems at all and one time I was knocked out for one and a half days from one beer.

My mother always urged me to stop drinking altogether, but that was hard. Giving up drinking with my friends and strangers would have meant to becoming even weirder and not feel part of the group. Not to mention the justification. Everyone would congratulate you if you’d stopped smoking, but if you stopped drinking for your health’s sake, people will look at you funny and you need to explain yourself a lot. And still not get any recognition or understanding. It’s so fucked up.

Over the time I noticed some patterns emerging, it got better once I moved out of my hometown, the frustration of living in a small town where everyone except my closest friends knew me as the daughter of or later still the sister from … was annoying as hell. I would still have some bad hangovers after I moved out, but they seemed less frequent. But whenever I came back to participate in some of the village festivities like Schützenfest, I mostly got those hangovers. This is hard to explain in english, I linked to the wikipedia article above, but let’s just say there were a bunch of people around I superficially know, only meet when they are drunk and just don’t enjoy the company of. Like the rural version of Here from Alessia Cara (love the song, btw)

I had to learn the very hard way to detach myself from these situations and just not go the event xyz just because people were expecting it of me. And I am still not sure if it was expected of me or if I just thought it was expected of me. But there were different situations as well without any perceived pressure from my family but only internal pressure to perform and look happy when all I wanted was to stay in and read a book or sleep.

Some lessons I took away from 10 years of violent hangovers:

  • You have to listen to yourself closely, if you are somewhere you don’t want to be, don’t drown that feeling in alcohol but instead leave earlier or not go at all
  • It is okay if you can not and will not drink as much as the boys
  • Don’t just eat a frigging salad, but a plate of pasta before you go out
  • Stick to one type of liquor, I swear by WodkaSoda
  • Beer before liquor, never been sicker ; liquor before beer all in the clear
  • Be kind to yourself if you relapse
  • But analyse what the circumstances where so you can avoid them in the future


Cheers to knowing yourself and to self-care

moi pink

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Work Wardrobe Wednesday


I found another new blogger for this week, she is from Miami which is rather fitting as it finally starts to get hot consistently here.

She blogs about all kind of stuff, but in between are gorgeous office outfits, like the one above, Check out her full post linked below in the credits, because the details on this blouse are amazing.

I love the sailor-y vibe of the combination on top. A navy boat blazer with big gold buttons is still very high on my want list of investment pieces.

Let me know what you think of the details of the blouse.

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Work Wardrobe Wednesday

Borrowed from the boys

Now, as it is beginning of June, I regret having moved to the North of Germany the most.
It is still incredibly cold for what should be summer over here and back home, only 300km to the south my family is frolicking in the sun and enjoying temperatures of the 20+ variety.

This outfit would be a good match for the current temperatures and I love the oversized white blouse or is it already a tunic? Tried to buy a similar style at Thomas Pink, but alas due to the hazards of online shopping the thing I got in the mail was more of a strange sack than the cool oversized shirt I imagined and saw on the skinny, skyscrapery model.

How to you feel about the classic white button down?

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Work Wardrobe Wednesday

breezy Summer/Autumn Style for the office

Hey you gals, so I believe you are all aware of the craze about this art director settling on a uniform for her job, simply consisting of a white blouse, black slacks and one whimsical accessorie a sort of tie, which reminds me of a bolo tie :-P 

I tried this route some years ago, but it would soon get too boring for me, probably because I would not get invitations to fancy schmancy art events and be able to bling it up in the evenings.

Anyways on to the picture above.
I like the simplicity of the look and am going through a serious sweater and blouse combination phase right now. It also looks like it could be layered over a simple dress as or a skirt. My only problem with the combination, apart from the backpack, is that I tend to be colder when wearing naked legs. Therefore I would need the whole combination in reverse, does that make sense ?

What do you say? Would you wear this to the office or is it too simple in your opinion?
And what about the backpack, when did that comeback happen? I vowed to never wear a backpack again once I started to wear bags to school.

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Procrastinating away

It's just a bad day not a bad life

I scheduled a MasterThesis Bootcamp for the long weekend and, as you can see from the title of the post, ended up doing maybe one hour of reading for the thesis. Which was not the goal. The goal was to cram in at least 20hrs of reading, prepare the research plan to give to my thesis advisor, start with the writing of some theoretical definitions and draft an outline.

The first thing that threw me off my plan was that I got a crazy bad migraine attack on Saturday, leaving me laying in bed the whole day and the next thing was my general problem with my work attitude at home, which is mostly non-existant. It is Monday evening as I am writing this, so I can assure that I have not found a solution at least for this weekend.

But I will just start fresh tomorrow and make the best of the rest of the time I have left to work on the thesis.

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Everything has changed in WordPress and a bit in life, too :-P

So you might have noticed that I haven’t posted for a long time.

There has just been so much going on and quitting my job to become a full-time student, meant loosing a lot of structure and therefore I just stopped. Being accountable for your own structure and doings is so much harder without immediate external pressure. Or maybe it’s just me and my general laziness :-P

Trying to get back into blogging right now but WordPress is making that really hard for me, the entire editor changed and my beloved “Copy Post” Button is gone, all the nice layout and design bits I created and thought of are gone now.

I will teach myself WordPress once again, but only after I have finished my Master thesis, moved back home (making it the 4th move in less than 2 years), only to leave 2 weeks later for Brazil.

More on the bureaucratic nightmare that being the first exchange student from our university to go to Brazil is and applying for visas and scholarships on a later post.

Oh and a little programing note, once I am in Brazil I will post a lot more in German and give this blog’s address to friends and family to share my experience with them.


[ UPDATE: Nothing has changed on wordpress, I just needed to find the admin page again! Can you imagine that I use to describe myself as tech-savvy?! :-P ]

Work Wardrobe Wednesday


This might not be suitable for the more conservative offices out there, but I am loving the va-va-voom in this outfit and with closed shoes it would make a hell of a work outfit on days where you can get away with a little bit more.

Make sure to head over to Imaan’s blog for some more great inspirational outfits, it’s amazing how this woman defies the elements and is wearing high heels no matter what the wheather.

Picture courtesy of The Hijablog

Saying goodbye to my favourite hobby


Poledancing is a hobby and not a mean to pay off your student loans

I did poledancing for about two years and I loved it. It gave me muscular strength, mental strength and amazing self-confidence and most importantly it was another major factor in helping me through this slump here.

Then one day I tried the figure shown above, called the Jade spilt. And it actually worked, that was when Marion Crampe my absolute favourite pole artist was spotting me and just let go of me for about 30 seconds.

At the same day later at normal practise I tried to show the girls in my poledancing class what I was able to do. Even though at the beginning I was so tired I just wanted to sit there and watch the others dance because I was so destroyed by the private lesson I had  that morning and the workshop on the day before, both with Marion of course (Check out her facebook here, she is the most energetic person I know, and so adorable)

But then we didn’t practise our choreo as we would have normally done, but could try out some tricks and work on technique. So naturally I had to show the girls what I had learned in the past two days. I went into the Jade split and then the teacher stepped aside for a quick moment to let my friend take a picture.
And of course I fell and I fell hard.

I had to wear a cast for one month and stop poledancing for even longer. Then came my move back to my home town and I stashed my pole away in the attic, waiting for university to begin so that I could restart poledancing.

Now in my new flat I was so excited to get my pole up again and start training. But the tenant before lied to me and I idiotically didn’t check if that was really a concrete ceiling. Of course it wasn’t and I nearly destroyed the ceiling whilst putting up my pole.

Now I have to live without my favorite hobby and whats even more annoying without any exercise other than doing all the grocery shopping and commuting to campus [5 min by foot :-) ].

Some lessons I took away from that accident:

  • You have to listen at what your body tells you.
  • You are not defined by your hobby or what you do, but who you are at your core and when every activity or external attribute is taken away from you.

I am still an outgoing person that loves to dance and try new things and having lost the poledancing attribute isn’t so bad in my new environment. Because it would have been even harder to educate people around me about poledancing being a normal and quite strenuous sport.

For all you gals and guys! if you haven’t tried it before, just go and try it. If you find a studio that focuses on the exercise aspect and less on finding your inner stripper, I am sure you will enjoy yourselves. And for all my readers out there already poledancing:

Keep on poling !

moi pink

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