Nowadays I love the English language, I even have problems explaining in detail in my mother tongue especially as my work requires me to read a lot in English and condense the important bits of information in my mother tongue. It gets really hard if one has an additional question to which I know the answer but only in the original English I read it in. Luckily no one ever gets upset if I throw around the English terms.
So anyways I think of myself as a very fluent speaker, unfortunately my self-assessment is not enough for the universities I want to apply to.

They don’t know my highly criticizing self yet.

The formal standards for the Master applications therefore require me to take the TOEFL Test, the book for training arrived yesterday and my elderly neighbour nearly couldn’t lift it up.

I only have two months to prepare left, and I really hope that I can score above 100 so that I can apply to my favourite Master program.

In the next days I will upload my study program, hoping I will stick to it more rigorously if it has been published on the Interwebz, I am a high risk patient of procrastination.


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