TOEFL Test study routine, well sort of

I knew it would come this way.

After having ordered an enormous textbook for the TOEFL Test, I noticed that I returned to being my usual lazy self and booked a preparation course for the TOEFL Test.

I only hope that the tax auditor will accept all this as necessery expenses.

Not sure how they feel about a Portguese course in Lisbon, but that is another story.

Back to the prep course.

It was fun, I noticed once again how much I enjoy speaking English.

The techniques to tackle the test were very helpful. Funny how the teacher said I would likely get some problems in the test as my English is already very good. The course took place at a university in a nearby town, on Friday evenings and Saturday from 8 to 16 o’clock. Made me remember how much I love learning new things and the class room environment.

We also did a simulated test, unfortunately I did not reach a score high enough for some of the Master programs. I only hope that I will be better in the real test.


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