The Post in which I properly introduce myself

I have made it through some troubled times and now that I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel I want you to share my way towards an independent and self-determined life. I have no idea where this path will take me yet, but I am finally confident that I will be able to make it no matter what.

In this blog I will recount how I took matters in to my own hand and started to live, not only breathe”

That’s what it says, as of today, on my about page.
Whenever I am not as melodramatic as above I am generally up for any shenanigans and like to try new things.

Trying something new 2 years ago led me to start Poledancing. It has been an incredible experience, I was never opposed to sports but didn’t do any regular sports activities since I had to quit horseback riding when I was a teenager. Poledancing reconnected me with my body and gave me a lot of self-confidence, even though I wouldn’t mention it to my boss, the co-workers I am closest with had to endure many talks and video-presentations of myself on the pole in the tea  kitchen. Oftentimes interrupted when a more distant co-worker or someone from management entered the room…

I have to see how I can continue my sport once I will move out of my apartment. This leads me to the point where I will tell you a bit about my current state of being.

You guys, I am in a major life transition !

When I thought about starting this blog, in like 2009, I already wanted to change my life. But as I am kind of chicken shit when it comes to loosing my fix and secure income, I waited until shit hit the fan to take some action. Obviously my first action was to get myself a therapist as I couldn’t get up in the mornings and dreaded going to work. Strangely whenever I was at work I felt okay, it was just the thought of going there that paralyzed me. But I guess being at work and being around people and getting some human contact was very helpful when living alone and knowing nobody in the city I was working and living in. As much as I hate to admit it , human kind and therefore me too is a social animal .

But back to the life transition, I already quit my job, the flat as well, and am currently applying for Master degrees.  I already planned a series about my transition, now I’ll just have to kick procrastination in the ass and take the idea from paper to an actual post (Yes, even though I am planning on becoming a blogger I still scribble things on paper)

So therefore we’ll continue with what I imagine to be a cute and quirky description of myself, some cringe factors included 😉 BTW what would be an accurate translation for the german word “Fremdschämen” ?

I am a poledancing bibliophile, I love the opera but have been so obsessed with jersey shore at one point that I seriously considered flying to Florence when they where shooting there.
Luckily I had exams to write and no more vacation days left.

Although my projections and plans for this blog still change nearly every day ( and change the most whenever I am only thinking and not writing…) I want this blog to be about my transition from the conventional, secure career path in life that I chose in high school to a more self-determined and personal life. Not only breathing but living !

moi pink


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