Recruitment processes today


I had two job interviews over the last 5 days. One was a regular interview, meaning it was from person to person whereas the other one was a so-called one-way interview via the platform

In this two-part series I will write about my experiences with the two types of interview.

This week I will talk in detail about the interview on and next week I will give you my two cents about the traditional interview and what I thought in comparison.

So I had two interviews over the last 5 days. Of course that didn’t just happen because I called there and said “Hi it’s me Moi, I am awesome let me show you in person how awesome I am.” In both cases I had to apply for the job online and then do a test online as well. Only afterwards did I get an invitation for the interviews.

As I hadn’t been to an interview for about 5 years I was really nervous about the first one, it sure didn’t help that the first one was the one-way interview and even though I applied for a position in Germany the questions were all in English, as was the test I took beforehand.

My nervousness led to me taking some time to figure out how to give the program access to your webcam, as I didn’t see at first that the acceptance button shown was indeed where I had to click OK.

I thought it was just a picture of what had to open in a pop up window. Once I figured that out it was really simple from there on.

After I had set up the mic and the cam I took the sample questions. Boy was I confused when those were in German and not in English. I actually said that on the recording and made a very confused face to go with it.

But I answered the sample questions in English nonetheless and after two felt ready to tackle my first job interview as a young professional. (Wow, that feels good writing it, even though it only occurred to my while composing this post that indeed I am a young professional now with three years of work experience under my belt)

I forgot to take a screenshot, but it kind of looks like this, only that this seems to be the view of HR when thy review your answers.


The interview

In the one-way web-interview you have thirty seconds to prepare your answer and the recording starts after those are over but of course you can start the recording prior. You can either stop the recording after you have said your clever and well-prepared answers or you can ramble on until you run out of time, because not seeing a reaction from the interviewer – who isn’t there as it is a one-way interview – makes you really nervous and the backwards running clock with the 180 seconds on it isn’t helping either.

Feel free to guess into which category I fell…

I totally failed the first question, as at first I got the same rabbit-in-a-hole-staring-in-some-fox’s-eyes, meaning I froze for about 5-10 seconds when the recording started. (I had the same reaction in my TOEFL practise test as well as on the first question at the actual TOEFL test)

And then instead of explaining my university and my degree, I explained the degree and what led me to choose this degree, which meant I had to go back 7 years and talked about my year abroad and some business project I participated in at school.

Only when the answer was uploading to the server did I read the question again and saw that I had answered to a totally non-existent question.

After the first question I got a bit more relaxed and continued the whole session in one piece.

There were 10 questions and it took around 35-40 minutes to complete the whole interview, as I sometimes had to wait for about a minute until my answer video was uploaded to their server.

As I am really bad at judging my performance especially if I don’t know what the other person is expecting to hear, it sure was not encouraging to hear from my mum that I looked tired and sans fard.

But this much I will tell you, I got a call the same day and was asked to come in for their Assessment Center in two weeks time.

I am so thrilled as this job I applied for has been a dream job of mine since I was 16 !

Check out the second part next week.

 Pictures courtesy of Giacomo Gambineri and


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