Recruitment processes today Part II


I already told you about my experience with the so-called one-way interview via the platform in the first part here.

The second Interview I had was a traditional interview, in the sense that we met in the HR offices and talked from person-to-person. The position I applied for there was also a graduate trainee program but for a large insurance company.

The interviewer had some sort of pre-formulated questions so to get similar answers from all the interviewees, as was the main purpose of the one-way interview. But he mentioned directly in the beginning that he wouldn’t stick to that guide religiously. He started by showing me the extent of the district I would have to work in on the map hanging in his office. It was interesting that he asked about my family and their background and what lead me to apply for a sales position. As my parents both have a background in sales that answer was responded to in a sufficient manner.

(my writing is kind of stiff today, isn’t it ?)

He talked in length about the program and that even though in the future there could be a position with personnel responsibility the main part of it all is being a sales person and half of the salary is fixed and the other one tied to your sales revenue.

Making my requested salary very hard to reach, if not impossible.

What I liked about this interview was that at some point he said that the program I applied for might not be the right fit for me and he offered to talk to a colleague in the greater district where there would be more development possibilities in regards to region and responsibility.

As a conclusion I liked the traditional interview better. There are different possibilities to steer the interview in regards to the answers be it by the interviewer or the interviewees and you get direct feedback to your answers even though some interview partners might be better at hiding there thoughts on your answers or maybe they just let you see what they want you to…

 Picture courtesy of Giacomo Gambineri


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