Work Wardrobe Wednesday

IMG_3722 Kopie

The picture above shows Moi, photographed by the lovely Sally Hofacker. At the office I often wear a blazer on top of this neon coloured pullover, as not to shock my older co-workers too much. Personally I think that clothing with a neon colouring has an awakening effect when looking at it. Like black and white striped shirts which can sometimes be very distracting and even nauseating when looking at them. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to show you guys what I call my uniform. That’s mostly either the skirt or the pants suit but with a more uplifting top and my pet peeve, not so boring heels. Obviously I don’t wear the hat like that in the office, it would be kind a hard to see the computer screen… But I wear it to the office sometimes whenever I am to lazy to carry an umbrella.

Do you guys wear hats and get stupid comments on it as well ?

Picture courtesy of 75only75


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