Work Wardrobe Wednesday

flowery skirt

The picture above shows the lovely Anh again, in honor of the amazing temperatures outside and the feeling of summer one gets I thought it was time to introduce some bare legs on the blog. I am not known as a pantyhose advocate, but as my work environment is pretty conservative I try to shock only where it matters, e.g. with my neon orange sweater but will not show bare legs in the office. In the height of summer I sometimes break this rule. Speaking about office wear rules, there is this one rule I set for myself and kind of never broke, well only the one time and I felt very uncomfortable during the whole day. It’s my never-show-your-toes-in-the-office rule , only exception Peep-toes 😉

Do you guys have any self set rules or do you have a nice book with rules to follow? Please feel free to share them in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Work Wardrobe Wednesday

    • I recently dug out my summer clothes and noticed that I have a very similar skirt, although I never tried pairing it with a white blouse. I tend to stick with the orange colour of the flower. I will try to shoot the outfit next, but as I wrote here it will take some time…
      I hope you stay on board, Jenny and many thanks for the taking the time to comment !
      XXX Moi

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