How to wear a trench


This How to comes at a perfect time, as we have slightly upsetting weather here. I was too quick to call out the beginning of summer in my Work Wardrobe Wednesday, which I wrote 5 days ago. I have been  wearing my old trench coat for the last couple of days. We have to discuss shape and fit of clothing, as this is my number one priority for any clothing I wear. I prefer an old trench coat by some high street brand over an original Burberry trench coat given to me by my late grandmother, as the Burberry is slightly too big. I always feel uncomfortable and not so polished wearing it. And I already had it shortened. So I stick to my no-name trench, wearing mostly belted on my way to work or open if I am too lazy or too stubborn to dress according to weather predictions. Most of the time I have been topping it off with a hat, which I find the perfect accessoire whenever I am too lazy to carry my big umbrellas or the possibility of rain is below 70%.

It even snowed not far from here, but it is May, please show me some sun already!! (for more than one beautiful day at least) Well, if it continues to be drizzling this much, I will definitely try the last style with the collar popped up and tied in the back, even though I am wondering if it’s worn open then or buttoned in the front.

What do think ? While we are at the topic of popped up collars have a quick look here.

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