Work Wardrobe Wednesday

beige pullover

The picture above shows me, Moi again, photographed by the lovely Sally Hofacker. With the autumnish temperatures we are having around here, I am speaking below 10 degrees celsius and some nights we even had night frost. The A/C in the office is blasting out similar temperatures like outside as it thinks we are having summer, like it should be already ! Anyways I felt it was time to get out my cashmere sweater, even though it only contains around twenty percentage points of cashmere it is still deliciously soft and keeps me cozy in the frosty office or outside. When we did the picture we had one of the seldom rays of sunshine. I combined the light sweater again with my skirt suit as I try to force the warmer temperatures to come out. Not having any luck so far…

How do you deal with the unexpected colder temperatures ? From what I grasp from the blogosphere it’s slightly colder in stylish cities all over the world as well as in the not-so-stylish cities made fashionable by great fashion bloggers !

Picture courtesy of 75only75


2 thoughts on “Work Wardrobe Wednesday

    • Thank you so much Jenny !
      I am in love with my cheetah pumps as well, they earned me the Nickname “Tiger Lily” in the office 🙂

      I bought them – and three other pairs- from my first paycheck, that was such a good feeling .
      XXX Moi

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