Road tripping

vw käfer_road trip

Picture courtesy of Tumblr

Hey you gals (my try of a new salutation, converting the generic maskulinum in a generic femininum, do you like it?) when you read this I am off to the north looking at a university with a friend of mine who quit her job as well to pursue a master’s degree. Before we get to the university we will make a stop-over in another student town where we hope to get certified copies of all our documents, needed for the university applications. If we are lucky, they won’t ask us if we are from that town and get them for free. It’s worth a try as it also costs half of what they charge here. I plan to apply all over the country as my chance of getting into a master’s degree seems pretty slim as I do not have enough credits in math subjects. I even contemplated applying for a bachelor and get me the math credits on the side…

Anyways I am really looking forward to this little road trip. I have been stuck at home for a long time and I think there is nothing better than a little trip to let your everyday worries disappear, and there have been a lot of them around lately…

moi pink


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