Kiss My Tiara

Miss Shellfish Beach

Picture courtesy of Marina and the Diamonds

Hey you gals, on the roadtrip I thought of a new irregular feature that I want to cover on the blog. Give a warm welcome to Rave Reviews ! It will essentially work this way:

I read / watch/ listen to / find on the Interwebz something and afterwards will bitch about / praise / label as above-mentioned something.

Let’s start with Kiss my tiara , I had this book for a really long time and just wanted to flip through it again. I have to say I found it as addicting as the first time I read it. It’s full of sassy, feminist views on various topics and can be read from cover to cover or just skipped through like I did this time. It’s pretty old, it was published in 2001 so I had a good laugh when at some point Susan Jane Gilman stated Nokia phones as the ultimate status symbol. But her advice stood the test of time and I will try to bear some of her wisdom at heart, Although some of the wisdom comes from her grandma.

My grandma never said, “Let him take the lead.”                My grandma said, “Have another piece of cake and wash it down with a gin and tonic.”

Kiss my tiara is divided in three main parts

  • Part I: Mistress of our Domain, features some of her views on beauty and aesthetics
  • Part II: Playing well with others, deals with relationships, be it between men and women , women and women , strangely she leaves out male homosexuals, and includes the hilarious chapter “Family. Oy. How to survive your relatives”
  • Part III: Ruling the World, includes very deep life lessons, learnt while shopping

All in all I loved the book 5 years ago and I still love it now. I don’t know why I had left it untouched on the shelf for so long. And the best part about buying it now, is that it must cost next to nothing as it so old. So I was wrong about the costing next to nothing part. But nonetheless, if you are willing to spend about 11 bucks you’ll get a read that a first is very entertaining and still manages to deliver insightful musings about being a modern woman!

Kiss My Tiara: How to Rule the World as a SmartMouth Goddess


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