111 days to change my life


Picture courtesy of DamonFizzy

Yesterday I lay in bed and was angry with myself for not having done any work for university and stuffing my face with any food I could find in order to justify not doing anything, because duh I was eating…

So I lay there and I got so mad at myself I was about to punch myself but then a tiny thought crept into my mind.

What if I finally change my approach to tackling daring tasks?

Instead of putting them off until further notice or until shit hits the fan I would just do it and stop being afraid of failing before I even start. The sad thing is, I had this approach when I changed my life and made the decision to go to grad school, despite having an okayish job that paid very well. I was so energetic back then, but the anxious waitng before I got accepted and the overwhelming fear of being to dumb for University it just paralyses me again. Same goes with this blog, I put off writing for so long because I was too ashamed to open up about this overwhelming fear of failing. But I am done with this, or at least I try to beat it. As they so nicely put it in yesterdays episode of New Girl (Season 3 Episode 8 – Menus)

Either you are a doer or a dumpling !

And as I am a little list obsessed and love deadlines I immediately checked an ancient app I got on my phoen called “Days until” to check how many days are there left until my 25th birthday, because gals this number is secrectly freaking me out. What a nice sruprise it was to see that I had 111 days left until my birthday.

What a magical number so I am taking the next 111 days to change my life, with the main goal of stopping to be so afraid of failure and a more detailed list will follow shortly!

I hope I can get some of you back to reading my stuff even after my long blogging hiatus and the sad fact that there will be no more Work Wardrobe Wednesday posts, as I am no longer working.


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