Work Wardrobe Wednesday


After last weeks office party you will probably have to return to the office for the last days of work before the Christmas break. I don’t know how the weather is acting where you are, but here it is already well below zero degrees (Celsius, of course). This makes the commute to work a freezing hell only to be greeted by blazing hot offices. I think Sarah from Sarah’s real did a great job in finding an outfit in which you can run around all day. As I came into work by foot I always wore snow boots and exchanged them for my black office pumps, which never saw the street until I had to clean out my cubicle. I haven’t worn them since either. These black wedges seem like an even comfier alternative.

Is this something you keep at your cubicle or in your drawer, too? A pair of classic black pumps that go with almost every office outfit?

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Work Wardrobe Wednesday, Christmas Party Edition


Hey gals, I decided to revive the Work Wardrobe Wednesday again even though I am not currently working in an office anymore, actually not working at all as I haven’t found a student job yet. But I still crave nice office outfits. I might not wear them anymore but I like to look at great outfits nonetheless and maybe I will find some inspiration to get out of the ever prevailing fashion rut of jeans, T-Shirt and combat boots I have found myself fallen into here.

So much for the introductory blabla, now let’s get to the look, shall we ?

I wanted to show you a nice outfit for the office’s christmas party, well that is if you are not partying in a fancy castle like my best friend did last weekend. But for the typical cubicle drone party setting, I like this look a lot. I think it’s very festive with the burgundy tights and the studded belt. I added another picture below, showing off the lace sleeves of the dress, which add a certain je-ne-se-quoi to the outfit. But if you work at a really conservative firm you can still wear it with a blazer and no one will notice anything.


Do you gals have an office christmas party planned? Are your outfits already set? Please feel free to share them in the comments.

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The post in which I really want to learn portuguese but,…


Rio de Janeiro

Back in 2010 I was in Rio de Janeiro for a few days on my tiny South America tour and I totally fell in love with the city.

Back in Germany I tried to learn some portuguese with podcasts but next to my draining dual studies programme I did not have the energy to properly learn the language. That’s why after I quit my job I found a course at the Volkshochschule which is comparable to the Learning Annex I guess. I ordered the book and was very eager to go to my first lecture at this intensive course. I even managed to get the unemployment discount and only paid half the price. But then my mom asked my to help her out with my little sister’s birthday party.

As I am trying to be a better sibling and somehow felt that me being able to speak fluent Italian would help me with Portuguese I decided to skip the first lesson and go to the second one instead.

The week after that I went to the nearest big town where the course was to be held and waited in front of the room. When nobody had shown up 5mins before the class started I went to the Info Point and asked them if the course had been canceled. The old man behind the counter looked it up for me and confirmed the room number, I then went back to the room and waited outside as there was still a German course going on. The teacher from the German course suggested I ask the janitors if maybe my course had switched rooms and asked them for keys. I went back to the other side of the Info Point asking the janitors for my course and they looked at me and started laughing. I had managed to get the dates completely messed up. The course was an intensive course and had gone from Monday to Saturday the week before without me. I had looked at the letter of confirmation and there were the dates , when I booked it online the dates must have been there, but somehow I was so incredibly convinced that the course was a weekly one. Oh yeah and of course the billed me.

After drowning my sorrow in a Starbucks coffee from the main station I drove back home and shrugged my shoulders at the irony that the book would arrive the next day…

I think that nice episode sums up perfectly how terribly confused and not well together I was during the period after I had quit my job and before I had the admission for graduate school. Funny thing the school I got accepted at was the one were I sent the application letter without stamps on the envelope because I was again so confused and had so much on my mind.

And at that very school I have been taking a portuguese beginners course for the last 7 weeks and had to change the idea that I am some kind of language genius. Because learning Italian in a year of living there with mostly native speakers around me is just not the same as sitting 4hrs/week in a course and trying to fumble together some sentences in Portuguese.

But hey Mission accomplished I am taking my Portuguese class and if everything goes as planned I will even o on a semester abroad to Brazil!

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