Work Wardrobe Wednesday, Christmas Party Edition


Hey gals, I decided to revive the Work Wardrobe Wednesday again even though I am not currently working in an office anymore, actually not working at all as I haven’t found a student job yet. But I still crave nice office outfits. I might not wear them anymore but I like to look at great outfits nonetheless and maybe I will find some inspiration to get out of the ever prevailing fashion rut of jeans, T-Shirt and combat boots I have found myself fallen into here.

So much for the introductory blabla, now let’s get to the look, shall we ?

I wanted to show you a nice outfit for the office’s christmas party, well that is if you are not partying in a fancy castle like my best friend did last weekend. But for the typical cubicle drone party setting, I like this look a lot. I think it’s very festive with the burgundy tights and the studded belt. I added another picture below, showing off the lace sleeves of the dress, which add a certain je-ne-se-quoi to the outfit. But if you work at a really conservative firm you can still wear it with a blazer and no one will notice anything.


Do you gals have an office christmas party planned? Are your outfits already set? Please feel free to share them in the comments.

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