Work Wardrobe Wednesday

Caroline Issa-Working girl

So here it has gotten really cold over here and as I commuted by public transportation back when I was working I always layered up heavily. Because public transportation isn’t known for being the most punctual (Yes even in Germany). I used to take a train that would often have a delay of 20 minutes even though it was supposed to go every 20 minutes. But I guess a delay of 20 minutes looks better in the statistics than an a complete cancellation.

Anyway enough about public transportation, let’s talk fashion. Pictured above is fashion week regular Caroline Issa, she came from a finance and consulting background only to become a publishing powerhouse, graciously combining online and print with still a  hint of consultancy but all in the name and field of fashion. You can read more about the amazing career of this streetstyle blog darling here. Garance even has her own tag for Caroline, so if you want to see more of her amazing outfits visit Garance Doré.

I love the simplicity of her outfit and how due to the strict black and white combination it is still very elegant yet looking so damn comfortable. Not sure about the striped pants though, they give me a Madonna in Adidas track pants vibe.

What do you say? Would you wear this to the office or is it too simple in your opinion?

BTW, I changed the picture size and I will now make them a bit larger. Do you prefer it that way or did you like the Work Wradrobe Wednedsday posts with the smaller pictures better?

Picture courtesy of Wayne Tippetts 

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