Be a better sibling

Brother for Sale

picture courtesy of Jay’s Photography

When I started to write about how I tried to be a better sibling, I hacked away at the keyboard and 50mins later looked up to  see that I had written over a 1,000 words, because everything was just flowing out of me.

I am not sure if I ever publish what I wrote about my family and my relationship with my siblings, but the essence of being a better sibling to me is keeping in touch and caring.

Like the other day I started to conduct informal interviews with my girlfriends about big or small romantic gestures to win back a woman who broke up with one of my siblings. And he is herat-broken.

So if you have any idea about what he could do, tell me below. It is either a case of her being afraid and pushing him away or she really has no feelings left for him, but he wants to really try hard to win her back {little feminist me, is hating the pharse winning her back, as if she were an object}. So please gals and guys if you have ever done something romantic, over the top, small or little to impress or win somebody back, please shar it in the comments !

Yes I am totally trying to milk my siblings heart-break in order to hustle out my blog

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