Work Wardrobe Wednesday


It’s still cold over here and as the temperatures make me not wanna leave the house right now I only found it fitting to show you an outfit from a personal style blogger who thought that bloggers should not be forced to shoot outside in every temperature.

It’s Sarah, the newest addition to my Nerd altar, as she has set up an elaborate excel sheet to calculate her shopping budget 🙂

Any-I-am-so-much-in-love-with-excel-I-even-track-my-posts-with-a-spreadsheet-ways, let’s talk fashion. Great layered look from Sarah here, I was surprised to see that brown boots with a reddish hue can go together so well with an otherwise black and grey outfit. I once wore brown boots, very similar in colour to hers, with grey tights and a red dress on top and it looked horrible. I still hadn’t hung my mirror then, big mistake… 

The peplum jacket is gorgeous, I haven’t gotten my hands on anything peplum yet and now I am not sure if it might be too late to jump on that waggon.

What about you? Have you tried a brown and black combination before? And am I the last person not to have something peplummy in their closet or are there fellow peplum less readers out there?

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