Not a digital-native after all


Hey Gals,

as some might have noticed I installed the twitter widget and I am now even planning on using Twitter [had already an account for the blog, strategic marketing minx that I am,  but never used it] !

The trigger to take action with Twitter was because I was mentioned in this tweet, which landed in my e-mail inbox. And it got me freaked out, I did just not and still don’t, understand what that means.

What is ? Am I considered an adult ? I am not even 25 ! I am in grad school, that’s hardly considered adult learning, is it? Still so confused..

But as it is with Social Media: it set me under pressure to act. I logged in and than sat paralyzed in front of my screen just staring blankly at the Twitter GUI. And it just felt overwhelming. What is all this : retweet , fave, and what about the @ in front of my name and what does this even mean?

Then I sent an emercency text to my best friend and the only person I know  using twitter and she didn’t respond right away. So after waiting 5mins, still staring blankly at the screen I just came over my fear of the unknown technology thingy in front of me. Remebering that I had the same paralyzying deer-in-headlights feeling when I first joined Facebook some years ago was very helpful, because now I am a facebook whiz [yepp, modesty is not my strenght]

So I ignored the confusing tweet, looked at my Interwebz hero Sarah von Bargen from tweets, saw that she was looking for new style bloggers, recommended Sarah from Sarah’s Real Life. Got an immediate response from Sarah vB, saw that, had to restrain myself hard from jumping up and down and just acting like a crazy fan girl [see Jess below].

newgirl gif

Then Sarah RL responded (do you still say that with Twitter?) and started to follow me [at this point I was resembling Nick in the GIF above]

And BOOM now I am in love with Twitter, especially because I don’t know how this new Facebook policy  would affect my blog’s Facebook page ( Which I can’t even find on Facebook [Still not taking back the Facebook whiz, when in doubt blame the algorithm 🙂 ]… and I don’t even recommend “liking” me over there, because I only have the post updates going up…) .

But, back to Twitter

Only negative thing, the 140 character limit, I tend to write a lot more. But I will tackle this as another challenge and a good writing excercise in being concise.

So can you make any sense of the tweet? Hints are very welcome in the comment section and tell me your two cents about Twitter and embracing new technologies into your life.

gif courtesy of

4 thoughts on “Not a digital-native after all

  1. I’ve gotten similarly weird tweets like that. From time to time. I don’t totally get it, but basically it’s spam. I mean I don’t think anything bad happens if you click on the link, but nothing interesting happens either. Good luck in the Twitterverse! It’s fun sometimes 🙂

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

    • Hi Sarah,
      thanks a lot for the tip, will ignore simiiliar tweets in the future and not get confused anymore. I serriously spent about an hour trying to figure out the tweet’s meaning 🙂

  2. Love the New Girl gif. And you have a new twitter follower now! This girl! I have been on twitter for years, and Im still figuring out how to use it effectively. It’s fun though!

    • Hi ML,
      Thanks for the Twitter support and telling me that it is okay to not understand it directly from the start. I am very perfectionist so everything I don’t understand in the first attempt makes me very angry.
      GIFs are just the best invention ever, after the Internet of course 🙂

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