Saying goodbye to my favourite hobby


Poledancing is a hobby and not a mean to pay off your student loans

I did poledancing for about two years and I loved it. It gave me muscular strength, mental strength and amazing self-confidence and most importantly it was another major factor in helping me through this slump here.

Then one day I tried the figure shown above, called the Jade spilt. And it actually worked, that was when Marion Crampe my absolute favourite pole artist was spotting me and just let go of me for about 30 seconds.

At the same day later at normal practise I tried to show the girls in my poledancing class what I was able to do. Even though at the beginning I was so tired I just wanted to sit there and watch the others dance because I was so destroyed by the private lesson I had  that morning and the workshop on the day before, both with Marion of course (Check out her facebook here, she is the most energetic person I know, and so adorable)

But then we didn’t practise our choreo as we would have normally done, but could try out some tricks and work on technique. So naturally I had to show the girls what I had learned in the past two days. I went into the Jade split and then the teacher stepped aside for a quick moment to let my friend take a picture.
And of course I fell and I fell hard.

I had to wear a cast for one month and stop poledancing for even longer. Then came my move back to my home town and I stashed my pole away in the attic, waiting for university to begin so that I could restart poledancing.

Now in my new flat I was so excited to get my pole up again and start training. But the tenant before lied to me and I idiotically didn’t check if that was really a concrete ceiling. Of course it wasn’t and I nearly destroyed the ceiling whilst putting up my pole.

Now I have to live without my favorite hobby and whats even more annoying without any exercise other than doing all the grocery shopping and commuting to campus [5 min by foot 🙂 ].

Some lessons I took away from that accident:

  • You have to listen at what your body tells you.
  • You are not defined by your hobby or what you do, but who you are at your core and when every activity or external attribute is taken away from you.

I am still an outgoing person that loves to dance and try new things and having lost the poledancing attribute isn’t so bad in my new environment. Because it would have been even harder to educate people around me about poledancing being a normal and quite strenuous sport.

For all you gals and guys! if you haven’t tried it before, just go and try it. If you find a studio that focuses on the exercise aspect and less on finding your inner stripper, I am sure you will enjoy yourselves. And for all my readers out there already poledancing:

Keep on poling !

moi pink

picture courtesy of Platinum Stages

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