Work Wardrobe Wednesday

breezy Summer/Autumn Style for the office

Hey you gals, so I believe you are all aware of the craze about this art director settling on a uniform for her job, simply consisting of a white blouse, black slacks and one whimsical accessorie a sort of tie, which reminds me of a bolo tie 😛 

I tried this route some years ago, but it would soon get too boring for me, probably because I would not get invitations to fancy schmancy art events and be able to bling it up in the evenings.

Anyways on to the picture above.
I like the simplicity of the look and am going through a serious sweater and blouse combination phase right now. It also looks like it could be layered over a simple dress as or a skirt. My only problem with the combination, apart from the backpack, is that I tend to be colder when wearing naked legs. Therefore I would need the whole combination in reverse, does that make sense ?

What do you say? Would you wear this to the office or is it too simple in your opinion?
And what about the backpack, when did that comeback happen? I vowed to never wear a backpack again once I started to wear bags to school.

Picture courtesy of Vanessa Jackman 

Procrastinating away

It's just a bad day not a bad life

I scheduled a MasterThesis Bootcamp for the long weekend and, as you can see from the title of the post, ended up doing maybe one hour of reading for the thesis. Which was not the goal. The goal was to cram in at least 20hrs of reading, prepare the research plan to give to my thesis advisor, start with the writing of some theoretical definitions and draft an outline.

The first thing that threw me off my plan was that I got a crazy bad migraine attack on Saturday, leaving me laying in bed the whole day and the next thing was my general problem with my work attitude at home, which is mostly non-existant. It is Monday evening as I am writing this, so I can assure that I have not found a solution at least for this weekend.

But I will just start fresh tomorrow and make the best of the rest of the time I have left to work on the thesis.

moi pink

picture courtesy of WeHeartIt

Everything has changed in WordPress and a bit in life, too :-P

So you might have noticed that I haven’t posted for a long time.

There has just been so much going on and quitting my job to become a full-time student, meant loosing a lot of structure and therefore I just stopped. Being accountable for your own structure and doings is so much harder without immediate external pressure. Or maybe it’s just me and my general laziness 😛

Trying to get back into blogging right now but WordPress is making that really hard for me, the entire editor changed and my beloved “Copy Post” Button is gone, all the nice layout and design bits I created and thought of are gone now.

I will teach myself WordPress once again, but only after I have finished my Master thesis, moved back home (making it the 4th move in less than 2 years), only to leave 2 weeks later for Brazil.

More on the bureaucratic nightmare that being the first exchange student from our university to go to Brazil is and applying for visas and scholarships on a later post.

Oh and a little programing note, once I am in Brazil I will post a lot more in German and give this blog’s address to friends and family to share my experience with them.


[ UPDATE: Nothing has changed on wordpress, I just needed to find the admin page again! Can you imagine that I use to describe myself as tech-savvy?! 😛 ]