Procrastinating away

It's just a bad day not a bad life

I scheduled a MasterThesis Bootcamp for the long weekend and, as you can see from the title of the post, ended up doing maybe one hour of reading for the thesis. Which was not the goal. The goal was to cram in at least 20hrs of reading, prepare the research plan to give to my thesis advisor, start with the writing of some theoretical definitions and draft an outline.

The first thing that threw me off my plan was that I got a crazy bad migraine attack on Saturday, leaving me laying in bed the whole day and the next thing was my general problem with my work attitude at home, which is mostly non-existant. It is Monday evening as I am writing this, so I can assure that I have not found a solution at least for this weekend.

But I will just start fresh tomorrow and make the best of the rest of the time I have left to work on the thesis.

moi pink

picture courtesy of WeHeartIt

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