Work Wardrobe Wednesday

breezy Summer/Autumn Style for the office

Hey you gals, so I believe you are all aware of the craze about this art director settling on a uniform for her job, simply consisting of a white blouse, black slacks and one whimsical accessorie a sort of tie, which reminds me of a bolo tie 😛 

I tried this route some years ago, but it would soon get too boring for me, probably because I would not get invitations to fancy schmancy art events and be able to bling it up in the evenings.

Anyways on to the picture above.
I like the simplicity of the look and am going through a serious sweater and blouse combination phase right now. It also looks like it could be layered over a simple dress as or a skirt. My only problem with the combination, apart from the backpack, is that I tend to be colder when wearing naked legs. Therefore I would need the whole combination in reverse, does that make sense ?

What do you say? Would you wear this to the office or is it too simple in your opinion?
And what about the backpack, when did that comeback happen? I vowed to never wear a backpack again once I started to wear bags to school.

Picture courtesy of Vanessa Jackman 

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