Work Wardrobe Wednesday

Fierce Ruffles

It’s still not very hot here, but people freak out as soon as the temperature hits 20+ degree Celsius. The start fanning themselves with everything they can get their hands on and complain about the heat. 

But let me introduce the new blogger I found for  this weeks’ WWW:

Her name is Rena, she is German and a bit older than your average style blogger, but the best thing about her blog are her texts. I read through a whole lot of them and I find them oddly fascinating, maybe because her language feels a bit different, more grown up, a tad bit formal. But also because most of the times the outfit photos merely serve as a nice add-on to her post. It is the words that are the main player in her blog.

Which frankly is something I haven’t yet seen in a personal style blog.
She is hosting a giveaway, open until June 30th, and it is open for international readers as well. Hop over here

Check her out and let me know if you like her posts and if her language seems more engaging in english, because frankly I only read the german version.

Picture courtesy of Dressed with soul

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