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Short programming note -> switching to German

an example for bad google translator


Hey my occasional reader and visitor from the english speaking blogosphere.

I will be switching to german pretty soon, as I decided to use this platform to share my experiences in Brazil with my friends and family and I am way to lazy to make another blog 🙂

I will continue to post in the Wednesday Workday Wardrobe series, because I am actually pretty excited to go back to working in an office next year.

You of course are still welcome to pop over here to look at hopefully marvelous pictures from my adventures in Brazil . And make sure to share the most hilarious Google Translator results if you decide to decipher my german postings.

moi pink

picture courtesy of emmafazende

Work Wardrobe Wednesday

PPP Restyle Your Closet Office Shorts Example

It is finally really hot here. I am loving the temperatures above 30 degrees. My fellow Germans not so much. I was actually searching for office-approriate outfits incorporating shorts when I found an article in the German ELLE about Bermuda Shorts and thought I would share it with you. Then I googled a little bit about copyrights and sharing a whole article is definitely not good. Instead I give you a picture with a shorter shorts look. Which I personally would not be comfortable with in the office, but switch out the shorts worn for Bermuda shorts and I would definitely go for it.

Bermuda Shorts in beige combined with a button down shirt were actually a staple summer look for me. And as soon as I was out of sight from the office I untucked the button down and knotted it in front of my navel, to give the outfit a slightly edgier look on the walk home.

Check out the whole post from Pish Posh Perfect in the link below as she samples some more looks and it even features a look from the lovely Anh from 9to5chic who is my absolute office wear superhero.

Picture courtesy of Pish Posh Perfect