Work Wardrobe Wednesday

PPP Restyle Your Closet Office Shorts Example

It is finally really hot here. I am loving the temperatures above 30 degrees. My fellow Germans not so much. I was actually searching for office-approriate outfits incorporating shorts when I found an article in the German ELLE about Bermuda Shorts and thought I would share it with you. Then I googled a little bit about copyrights and sharing a whole article is definitely not good. Instead I give you a picture with a shorter shorts look. Which I personally would not be comfortable with in the office, but switch out the shorts worn for Bermuda shorts and I would definitely go for it.

Bermuda Shorts in beige combined with a button down shirt were actually a staple summer look for me. And as soon as I was out of sight from the office I untucked the button down and knotted it in front of my navel, to give the outfit a slightly edgier look on the walk home.

Check out the whole post from Pish Posh Perfect in the link below as she samples some more looks and it even features a look from the lovely Anh from 9to5chic who is my absolute office wear superhero.

Picture courtesy of Pish Posh Perfect

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