Work Wardrobe Wednesday

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wearHey Gals,
I am finally back on track with the WWW. Sorry it took so long, but the adjustment phase to Brazil has been a bit longer than I anticipated. It’s still winter here, but the temperature is mostly around 30 degrees Celsius.

Therefore I can’t really think of anything appropriate to wear, but the above shown ensemble would be perfect for working under these conditions. Loose-fit Shirt and a relatively loose fitting skirt in bright colors and of course sunglasses. I am one of these annyoing persons that will always remind you that squinting because of the sunlight will give you wrinkles. And also don’t forget to put on sunscreen like every day. But I bet you knew this already, didn’t you?

Anyways enough of the incoherent ramblings. Please make sure to check out the whole outfit post in the link below. The blogger’s name is Mary and I could probably sample everyone of her outfit posts in the Work Wardrobe Wednesday feature. They are almost always heavenly to look at and she often incorporates colorful stand-out pieces. Nowadays all her posts come with buying information, so if you are living in the USA make sure to put your credit card in the freezer, before heading over there 🙂

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