Work Wardrobe Wednesday

Ksenia Solovieva - Editor in-Cheif Tatler Russia.Just as I was complaining to you guys a few weeks ago that I do not have a lot of button down outfits posted up here, I seem to only stumble upon pictures with delightful ensembles including button downs, so brace yourself in the next few weeks you gonna see a lot of them 🙂
This one stands out though, the vibrant colour of the oversized button down, the intricate details on the skirt, which make it a beautiful classic piece with a twist. I am actually always trying to look for piece like that to give my classic look in the office a special twist and make them less boring.
And sometimes I succeed, unfortunately it was 10 years ago so the beautiful pencil skirt with delicate beading from FCUK London does not fit anymore and I believe I got rid of it some years ago, but I still remember it vividly. Beige cloth, looked like linen, and a pink flower made out of pearls on it with rows of small pearls beaded on it in the colour of the flower and orange as well. Okay so I guess my memory is not that vivid anymore…

But yeah classic pieces with a twist rule.
Do you have got any special classics? Where did you find them, high street or Designer Piece? And most important of all, do they still fit? 🙂

Picture courtesy of Wayne Tippets

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