Work Wardrobe Wednesday

Street Style at Paris 2015 Ready To Wear Fashion Week,France. F

Wait, here me out. I know this outfit seems dramatic as f**k.
DOTS, FEATHERS, FLOORLENGTH COAT WORN LIKE A CAPE (which apparently is really envouge, like since 2013…)
Buuuut, if we take just parts of the outfit it can work for the office and not just for Fashion Week. For example the Skirt and turtleneck combination: add opaque black tights and sturdier shoes or black ballerinas and you’re good to go. If you wanna tone it down even more: Combine a solid black turtleneck with the flimsy skirt or the other way round, black skirt + the dotted turtleneck.
But beware of overdoing it, I think sticking to a monochrome look in all black is the safest option for the office here.

I think it looks amazing -in a photo- wouldn’t know how to wear that on a cold winter morning, but maybe it’s a fall look? When it’s not yet that cold and you can wear it open on your morning commute ?
And don’t get me started on how that white lining will look grimy after one or two wears out in the city…
Ahh to be a popstar with the opportunity and stylist to wear such outfits.
Anyways a girl can dream and sorry for going all KANYE WEST at you, but seriously that FLOORLENGTH COAT WORN AS A CAPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture courtesy of Wayne Tippetts