Mögt ihr mir mal kurz helfen, bitte?


für mein aktuelles Geheim-Projekt muss ich mehr mit Photoshop auseinander setzen, außerdem wäre es für die Präsentation der Bilder hier auf dem Blog bestimmt auch nicht schlecht wenn ich mich damit besser auskennen würde.

Daher meine Bitte an euch, könntet ihr auch über diesen Link : http://xosarah.com/giveaways/photoshop/?lucky=80

für das Photoshop-Kurs und Photoshop-Abo anmelden, erhöht meine Chancen und falls ihr gewinnen solltet könnt ihr mir den Kurs gerne überlassen 😛

Ganz liebe Grüße und vielen Dank im Voraus für alle die sich bis Donnerstag abend die Mühe machen.


Short programming note -> switching to German

an example for bad google translator


Hey my occasional reader and visitor from the english speaking blogosphere.

I will be switching to german pretty soon, as I decided to use this platform to share my experiences in Brazil with my friends and family and I am way to lazy to make another blog 🙂

I will continue to post in the Wednesday Workday Wardrobe series, because I am actually pretty excited to go back to working in an office next year.

You of course are still welcome to pop over here to look at hopefully marvelous pictures from my adventures in Brazil . And make sure to share the most hilarious Google Translator results if you decide to decipher my german postings.

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Not a digital-native after all


Hey Gals,

as some might have noticed I installed the twitter widget and I am now even planning on using Twitter [had already an account for the blog, strategic marketing minx that I am,  but never used it] !

The trigger to take action with Twitter was because I was mentioned in this tweet, which landed in my e-mail inbox. And it got me freaked out, I did just not and still don’t, understand what that means.

What is paper.li ? Am I considered an adult ? I am not even 25 ! I am in grad school, that’s hardly considered adult learning, is it? Still so confused..

But as it is with Social Media: it set me under pressure to act. I logged in and than sat paralyzed in front of my screen just staring blankly at the Twitter GUI. And it just felt overwhelming. What is all this : retweet , fave, and what about the @ in front of my name and what does this even mean?

Then I sent an emercency text to my best friend and the only person I know  using twitter and she didn’t respond right away. So after waiting 5mins, still staring blankly at the screen I just came over my fear of the unknown technology thingy in front of me. Remebering that I had the same paralyzying deer-in-headlights feeling when I first joined Facebook some years ago was very helpful, because now I am a facebook whiz [yepp, modesty is not my strenght]

So I ignored the confusing tweet, looked at my Interwebz hero Sarah von Bargen from yesandyes.org tweets, saw that she was looking for new style bloggers, recommended Sarah from Sarah’s Real Life. Got an immediate response from Sarah vB, saw that, had to restrain myself hard from jumping up and down and just acting like a crazy fan girl [see Jess below].

newgirl gif

Then Sarah RL responded (do you still say that with Twitter?) and started to follow me [at this point I was resembling Nick in the GIF above]

And BOOM now I am in love with Twitter, especially because I don’t know how this new Facebook policy http://www.yesandyes.org/2014/01/7-ways-to-work-around-fact-that.html  would affect my blog’s Facebook page ( Which I can’t even find on Facebook [Still not taking back the Facebook whiz, when in doubt blame the algorithm 🙂 ]… and I don’t even recommend “liking” me over there, because I only have the post updates going up…) .

But, back to Twitter

Only negative thing, the 140 character limit, I tend to write a lot more. But I will tackle this as another challenge and a good writing excercise in being concise.

So can you make any sense of the tweet? Hints are very welcome in the comment section and tell me your two cents about Twitter and embracing new technologies into your life.

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The post in which I really want to learn portuguese but,…


Rio de Janeiro

Back in 2010 I was in Rio de Janeiro for a few days on my tiny South America tour and I totally fell in love with the city.

Back in Germany I tried to learn some portuguese with podcasts but next to my draining dual studies programme I did not have the energy to properly learn the language. That’s why after I quit my job I found a course at the Volkshochschule which is comparable to the Learning Annex I guess. I ordered the book and was very eager to go to my first lecture at this intensive course. I even managed to get the unemployment discount and only paid half the price. But then my mom asked my to help her out with my little sister’s birthday party.

As I am trying to be a better sibling and somehow felt that me being able to speak fluent Italian would help me with Portuguese I decided to skip the first lesson and go to the second one instead.

The week after that I went to the nearest big town where the course was to be held and waited in front of the room. When nobody had shown up 5mins before the class started I went to the Info Point and asked them if the course had been canceled. The old man behind the counter looked it up for me and confirmed the room number, I then went back to the room and waited outside as there was still a German course going on. The teacher from the German course suggested I ask the janitors if maybe my course had switched rooms and asked them for keys. I went back to the other side of the Info Point asking the janitors for my course and they looked at me and started laughing. I had managed to get the dates completely messed up. The course was an intensive course and had gone from Monday to Saturday the week before without me. I had looked at the letter of confirmation and there were the dates , when I booked it online the dates must have been there, but somehow I was so incredibly convinced that the course was a weekly one. Oh yeah and of course the billed me.

After drowning my sorrow in a Starbucks coffee from the main station I drove back home and shrugged my shoulders at the irony that the book would arrive the next day…

I think that nice episode sums up perfectly how terribly confused and not well together I was during the period after I had quit my job and before I had the admission for graduate school. Funny thing the school I got accepted at was the one were I sent the application letter without stamps on the envelope because I was again so confused and had so much on my mind.

And at that very school I have been taking a portuguese beginners course for the last 7 weeks and had to change the idea that I am some kind of language genius. Because learning Italian in a year of living there with mostly native speakers around me is just not the same as sitting 4hrs/week in a course and trying to fumble together some sentences in Portuguese.

But hey Mission accomplished I am taking my Portuguese class and if everything goes as planned I will even o on a semester abroad to Brazil!

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Road tripping

vw käfer_road trip

Picture courtesy of Tumblr

Hey you gals (my try of a new salutation, converting the generic maskulinum in a generic femininum, do you like it?) when you read this I am off to the north looking at a university with a friend of mine who quit her job as well to pursue a master’s degree. Before we get to the university we will make a stop-over in another student town where we hope to get certified copies of all our documents, needed for the university applications. If we are lucky, they won’t ask us if we are from that town and get them for free. It’s worth a try as it also costs half of what they charge here. I plan to apply all over the country as my chance of getting into a master’s degree seems pretty slim as I do not have enough credits in math subjects. I even contemplated applying for a bachelor and get me the math credits on the side…

Anyways I am really looking forward to this little road trip. I have been stuck at home for a long time and I think there is nothing better than a little trip to let your everyday worries disappear, and there have been a lot of them around lately…

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How to wear a trench


This How to comes at a perfect time, as we have slightly upsetting weather here. I was too quick to call out the beginning of summer in my Work Wardrobe Wednesday, which I wrote 5 days ago. I have been  wearing my old trench coat for the last couple of days. We have to discuss shape and fit of clothing, as this is my number one priority for any clothing I wear. I prefer an old trench coat by some high street brand over an original Burberry trench coat given to me by my late grandmother, as the Burberry is slightly too big. I always feel uncomfortable and not so polished wearing it. And I already had it shortened. So I stick to my no-name trench, wearing mostly belted on my way to work or open if I am too lazy or too stubborn to dress according to weather predictions. Most of the time I have been topping it off with a hat, which I find the perfect accessoire whenever I am too lazy to carry my big umbrellas or the possibility of rain is below 70%.

It even snowed not far from here, but it is May, please show me some sun already!! (for more than one beautiful day at least) Well, if it continues to be drizzling this much, I will definitely try the last style with the collar popped up and tied in the back, even though I am wondering if it’s worn open then or buttoned in the front.

What do think ? While we are at the topic of popped up collars have a quick look here.

Picture courtesy of myclosetinsketches.com