Feeling miserablepicture courtesy of Grumpy Cat, although he probably doesn’t care

Well Gals, that’s what I probably looked like at noon having had the worst menstrual cramps ever and fainting. Luckily my roommate was there to catch me and take care of me a bit and feed me pain medicine. Funny thing is I never really had problems with cramps before. Remembering my mother’s vast wisdom of kitchen psychology the heavy cramps might derive from the fact that I am far from happy right now. Or I am just so grumpy beceause I have my period ? Anyways all my giddy I-am-going-to-change-my-life-right-now energy has vanished and I again feel so overwhelmed by all the stuff at Uni and the lack of recognition in my life. Furtheron I am still singel and starting to not like it that much anymore after 5 years. The picture below sums it up perfectly and I most certainly hope that this is the only grumpy, whiny post of this sort you will see on this blog !


picture courtesy of

moi pink

PS: I just finished this post and whined on the Internet instead of stuffing my face with chocolate, so yeah me !! Tomorrow is going to be a better day, already.