Work Wardrobe Wednesday

Street Style at Paris 2015 Ready To Wear Fashion Week,France. F

Wait, here me out. I know this outfit seems dramatic as f**k.
DOTS, FEATHERS, FLOORLENGTH COAT WORN LIKE A CAPE (which apparently is really envouge, like since 2013…)
Buuuut, if we take just parts of the outfit it can work for the office and not just for Fashion Week. For example the Skirt and turtleneck combination: add opaque black tights and sturdier shoes or black ballerinas and you’re good to go. If you wanna tone it down even more: Combine a solid black turtleneck with the flimsy skirt or the other way round, black skirt + the dotted turtleneck.
But beware of overdoing it, I think sticking to a monochrome look in all black is the safest option for the office here.

I think it looks amazing -in a photo- wouldn’t know how to wear that on a cold winter morning, but maybe it’s a fall look? When it’s not yet that cold and you can wear it open on your morning commute ?
And don’t get me started on how that white lining will look grimy after one or two wears out in the city…
Ahh to be a popstar with the opportunity and stylist to wear such outfits.
Anyways a girl can dream and sorry for going all KANYE WEST at you, but seriously that FLOORLENGTH COAT WORN AS A CAPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture courtesy of Wayne Tippetts

Work Wardrobe Wednesday

button down and jeans office uniform

I believe it’s getting colder in Europe so I think you need to cover up those legs, amirite ? And what’s better than a simple pair of jeans and one of my favourite pieces of clothing the white button down. And just look a the beautiful cut of the blouse, so long and awesome, nearly a tunic. Although I wouldn’t wear a distressed pair of jeans to the office.

Picture courtesy of 9to5

Work Wardrobe Wednesday

Ksenia Solovieva - Editor in-Cheif Tatler Russia.Just as I was complaining to you guys a few weeks ago that I do not have a lot of button down outfits posted up here, I seem to only stumble upon pictures with delightful ensembles including button downs, so brace yourself in the next few weeks you gonna see a lot of them 🙂
This one stands out though, the vibrant colour of the oversized button down, the intricate details on the skirt, which make it a beautiful classic piece with a twist. I am actually always trying to look for piece like that to give my classic look in the office a special twist and make them less boring.
And sometimes I succeed, unfortunately it was 10 years ago so the beautiful pencil skirt with delicate beading from FCUK London does not fit anymore and I believe I got rid of it some years ago, but I still remember it vividly. Beige cloth, looked like linen, and a pink flower made out of pearls on it with rows of small pearls beaded on it in the colour of the flower and orange as well. Okay so I guess my memory is not that vivid anymore…

But yeah classic pieces with a twist rule.
Do you have got any special classics? Where did you find them, high street or Designer Piece? And most important of all, do they still fit? 🙂

Picture courtesy of Wayne Tippets

Work Wardrobe Wednesday

Pulloverdress Button down office wear

My Bloglovin feed spit out this picture of Garance Doré and I have to say I love her new haircut. Although I am currently still rocking rather long hair I have been phantasizing about shorter hair, especially as washing and drying it takes so long, but here in Brazil it’s hot enough to let it airdry every time. SO at least I don’t have to worry about a blow dryer.
Anyways back to the outfit, I am not even sure if this is a knit dress or an oversize mans pullunder anyways I love it. Eventhough I always get very freezy when I have bare legs, but the boxy cut of the dress seems like there is also enough space under the dress for some comfy and warm Granny Panties 🙂

Picture courtesy of Garance Doré

Work Wardrobe Wednesday

camel jumper office wear When I was gazing with my best friend yetserday and finally watching the Suits finale she was already cuddled up under some sort of blanket fort and told me that it was starting to get cold back home in Northern Europe, so I thought I might share a cozy sweater look with you gals.

PS: If you like Suits, check out this website with their looks. The character of Jessica Pearson always wears amazing dresses.

Picture courtesy of 9to5

Work Wardrobe Wednesday


So, this look might be a bit much, but I think it shows how wonderfully relaxed and yet structured a button down and trouser combination can look like. It also shows that a button down does not have to be simple and white all the time. See also here and here in previous WWW posts. Only two posts featuring button downs seem so little to me, especially as I brought a shit-ton of button-downs to Brazil with me and generally love a well tailored button down. My favourites come from Thomas Pink and since I discovered them as a teenager in London I get myself one button down every once in a while as a reward. And they are of good quality as far as I can judge, well except for the two that I got a an Outlet Mall near New York and which I stupidly bought without noticing the frazzled button holes because I was über-excited to see a Thomas Pink store there 🙂

Check out the whole post from Because I’m Addicted in the link below as she samples some more looks and especially some tricks how to make the button up or button down look less stuffy and might I say even hot.

Picture courtesy of because im addicted via Who What Wear

Work Wardrobe Wednesday

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wearHey Gals,
I am finally back on track with the WWW. Sorry it took so long, but the adjustment phase to Brazil has been a bit longer than I anticipated. It’s still winter here, but the temperature is mostly around 30 degrees Celsius.

Therefore I can’t really think of anything appropriate to wear, but the above shown ensemble would be perfect for working under these conditions. Loose-fit Shirt and a relatively loose fitting skirt in bright colors and of course sunglasses. I am one of these annyoing persons that will always remind you that squinting because of the sunlight will give you wrinkles. And also don’t forget to put on sunscreen like every day. But I bet you knew this already, didn’t you?

Anyways enough of the incoherent ramblings. Please make sure to check out the whole outfit post in the link below. The blogger’s name is Mary and I could probably sample everyone of her outfit posts in the Work Wardrobe Wednesday feature. They are almost always heavenly to look at and she often incorporates colorful stand-out pieces. Nowadays all her posts come with buying information, so if you are living in the USA make sure to put your credit card in the freezer, before heading over there 🙂

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