The list

Things to do while I am still in my early twenties

  1. Make one major life decision entirely by myself, see also Mini Series Part I, Part II
  2. And live with the consequences…
  3. Get rid of at least 100 items from my life/ flat (bonus points if I earn some money)
  4. Try Paintball
  5. Splurge on a designer handbag / shoes as a reward for all the hard work of the last years ( I mean come on work + study !!!)
  6. Take a brazilian Portuguese class
  7. Be a better sibling
  8. Finally finish the big book from Daniel Kahneman
  9. Try working as a freelance writer
  10. Writing, Writing, Writing
  11. Figure out SEO to make this blog known to more than my mom and my best friend
  12. Define my core values, my fundamentals in life
  13. Have a fucking blast !!!!
  14. Master the Jade split
  15. Update my XING and LinkedIn profile

As of now the list has 15 items on it and I will make sure to add to it whenever I come up with something new. It was essentially a try-xx-new-things-before-turning-xx list, but as I somehow was to lazy to come up with as many items as I would have needed to make this a birthday list ( No, I am not 15 ). I just jotted down some points and changed the title somewhat as to not make it incredibly obvious how old I am. Feel free to guess in the comments anyway.

And please please please maybe suggest me some more fun things to do.

Having worked on my career since the day I left high school has made me somehow a bit dreary regarding my life plans ( That’s at least what I noticed when I had a glance at the list in my draft folder, hence I added no. 13, incredibly specific ain’t it …? ) But not in real life, at least that what I make my friends tell me 😛

moi pink


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